Bodywork Energy & Wellness, (BEWell), believes that EVERYONE
deserves massage therapy. Massage is an important part of any active,
healthy lifestyle. We feel it is important to take care of the body, mind
and spirit to maintain balance through the demands of everyday life.

Massage at BEWell is a great way to refuel your energy, ease your mind
and renew the spirit.

At BEWell we make you our sole focus.
We are committed to your peace of mind, body and spirit.

Tell us about your needs, we will listen and apply that
into your own uniquely designed massage.

Everyone is fully licensed and continuously learning and evolving
so that we can always meet your needs.

"I’ve been going to Bodywork,
Energy & Wellness for almost two years now and could not be more satisfied with the services.

The environment is calm, comfortable, and appealing.

I have just decided to incorporate getting a massage from Lisa on a regular basis, and it has had such a positive impact on my overall health and well being. The results are amazing; improved sleep and flexibility, as well as decreased pain and stress."